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Come home to a garden you love

Julie’s garden is relatively new with the first shovelful of dirt turned in 2007.  After planting every square inch of her Peachtree Corners yard, she was thrilled with the prospect of an acre of “blank canvas” when they purchased their circa 1903 home in Historic Norcross.  Very little existing landscape was in place which allowed Julie to create a garden that fit the needs of her family.

She began by reducing the lawn by half as she created different garden areas.  She trenched out the bed lines and amended the soil in preparation for planting.  During construction, the Fosters’ old driveway needed to be replaced.  Julie made use of all the concrete by creating patios, paths and walls with the material instead of sending it to a landfill.

Next, she defined different areas of the garden.  Paths connect the different gardens and lead visitors to a charming vine covered garden shed created with materials repurposed during the construction of their home.  Antique doors and a window box spilling over with flowers add to the charm.  Visitors stumble upon several surprising vignettes along the way.

Edible gardens were created in the areas of full sun.  Julie included blueberries, raspberries, a fig tree, herbs and a veggie garden.  The front garden is a riot of colorful annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs.  The restful shade garden is comprised of many hostas, hydrangeas, camellias and azaleas as well as native shade loving perennials.

Each season, Julie delights in creating different plant combinations and propagating more plants through the division and layering of her existing plants.  She enjoys testing newly marketed plants to see what will do well in our hot humid climate.  In this way, her garden is always evolving and growing as is her experience as a gardener.

Visit the Photo Gallery for before and after pictures of Julie’s garden.

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