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Come home to a garden you love

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Linda’s lovely Peachtree Corners garden is a welcome retreat.  This certified National Wildlife Habitat and Atlanta Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary is designed to have something blooming each season.  Visitors enter the garden through an arbor draped with a living curtain of evergreen ‘Armandii’ Clematis. Bird feeders and plant material create a bird haven. The garden is a delight for the senses, with singing birds and scented flowers drawing visitors further along the flagstone path to a lawn surrounded by a lush perennial and shrub border. 

A stunning glazed ceramic fountain creates a beautiful focal point while soothing visitors with the sound of gurgling water. Beyond the lawn, a woodland garden awaits. Through plant rescues and many years of collecting, Linda has created a charming shady corner filled with native plants in her garden. The real treat in this garden is the wonderful plant combinations of both perennials and annuals.  Several gorgeous glazed ceramic containers are filled with creative displays of unusual annuals rarely found in nurseries.

Linda’s garden epitomizes how a garden is truly an evolving work of art.  The garden has changed over the years as the three Edwards boys have grown from elementary school through college.  The play structure which once entertained the boys as they played in the fort and on the swings has now evolved into a charming utilitarian space. The playground swings have been replaced with a porch swing creating a perfect shady spot for a glass of lemonade.  The slide was removed and replaced with a potting bench and the fort has now become storage for garden tools.  The area which was once a paint ball target now houses a compost bin. The pitching mound has been leveled and the area next to it now features the lovely ceramic fountain Linda had always wanted but was afraid would be broken by stray baseballs.

Not only does a garden grow and change over the years, it is a work of art that changes each season.  Linda has designed her garden to have something of interest throughout the year.  Flowering trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals each put on a show as their blooms, foliage, shapes and textures all combine to create a lovely tapestry.  Visit Linda’s garden at the annual Gardens By Design plant sale each spring.